Why should you study at UE FBE?

  1.  As the only faculty in eastern Slovakia, it provides comprehensive higher education for future business economists and managers
  2. Allows you to obtain a bachelor's degree from a British university
  3. It offers a wide range of study stays and internships abroad
  4. It mediates specific study stays abroad also for students from socially disadvantaged backgrounds
  5. Has secure access to the world's most important electronic information sources and databases
  6. It organizes professional lectures by leading Slovak and world experts
  7. The faculty building is located in the historical center of Košice
  8. The new premises are equipped with modern information and communication technologies
  9. Provides access to training and learning materials through e-learning courses
  10. Fixed and mobile Wi-Fi connection is provided on the premises of the entire faculty
  11. In cooperation with student organizations, it contributes to the enrichment of out-of-school student life
  12. and many other reasons ... 

Information about the study at UE FBE