The Department of Corporate Financial Management was created by transformation of the Department of Finance and Accounting. It provides teaching of modules on first and second degree of university studies in the study programs Economics and Management, Commercial Business and Corporate Financial Management. The modules of the department form an important pillar of knowledge for business economists and managers in the financial sector.

The Department provides a total of 21 subjects as compulsory subjects and optional courses for full-time and part-time study in educational activities.

Its members publish in professional and scientific journals, periodicals registered in the database Web of Science and Scopus and peer-reviewed journals, presented at scientific conferences in the country and abroad.

The department focuses on issues of financial management, accounting and taxes in research activities. Scientific research area is based on the actual requirements of economic theory and economic practice that enhances the development and activity of the business sector. The department members are currently engaged in VEGA projects, projects of young scientists and events organized in the framework of the Week of Science and Technology in Slovakia. Since depatment´s foundation in 2013, there is tradition of organizing international scientific conference called "Marketing management, financial and social aspects of the business", which paved a way for the exchange of knowledge on an international level together with the Department of Commercial Business.

The department consists of 10 internal employees including 1 associate professor, 9 assistent professors with PhD.