Department of Economics teaches and provides scientific research activities oriented on economic theory, economic policy, finance and banking, financial markets and the doctrine of Business. Department addresses also the issues of the environment economy, renewable energy sources, and the sustainability of natural resources.

The department participates in solving both the VEGA and KEGA projects as well as some other projects announced by prestigious organizations. Department encourages and supports young scientists within their scientific-research activity. The research results are presented at domestic and international scientific conferences, symposia and national and international scientific journals. The results of the Department’s scientific work are implemented in the teaching of the whole curriculum. They also serve such a source for modernization of literature

The Department of Economy participates in the preparation of both the economists and managers for enterprises within the accredited study programs in the whole spectrum of degrees of study from bachelor to Philosophiae doctor. Modules that the department provides help to fill up the profile of graduates of individual study programs significantly. The aim of educational activity is to provide students with the theoretical aspects and empirical knowledge of individual economic science and to contribute significantly to the development of economic thinking.