The head of the Department is prof. Ing. Bohuslava Mihalcova, PhD., EUR ING.
10 internal teachers (two professors, three associate professors, four assistant professors, one assistant) and four PhD students work at the Department of Management in the academic year 2017/2018. The Department provides teaching management disciplines at first, second and third degree of study in full-time and part-time study. Materials provided by the department not only provide students with the necessary theoretical knowledge, but equal emphasis is also on developing practical managerial knowledge, skills and competences.

Members of the department are actively involved in research projects of the University of Economics in Bratislava, as well as to projects financed by the Ministry of Education (VEGA, KEGA). To address these projects, the members of the department organize scientific seminars, workshops and conferences and publishe their findings particularly in quality scientific journals and proceedings, registered in the database Scopus, Web of Science and Web of Knowledge, etc.

The department engages in cooperation with national and foreign institutions and organizes several scientific conferences. In June 2002, it organized the first international conference called "Application of Management Theory and Practice". In 2005 the department organized an international conference "New trends in management". In the years actively it participated in the preparation of the annual international conferences of the faculty, Economics of companies and Semafor. In April 2015 the department organized an international scientific conference called "Engineering Sciences and Production Management ESPM - 2015 in Tatranská Štrba (, in which 174 papers were received from 12 countries around the world and it was attended by 159 participants. Since 2015 the department organizes the international scientific conferences MTS (MARKETING MANAGEMENT, TRADE, FINANCIAL AND SOCIAL ASPECTS OF BUSINESS).

The members of the department are responsible for issuing the faculty scientific journal  Business Revue  and on-line professional journal Management in Theory and Practice.