The history of the Department of Economics began when the Higher School of Economics in Bratislava (currently the University of Economics in Bratislava) established The Detached Educational Workplace in Košice. Full-time students started to study at this department in Košice on 1 September 1969. At that time two departments were working at The Detached Educational Workplace:

  • Department of the automatized management system,
  • Department of National Economy (predecessor of the current Department of Economics).

Since 1 July 1990, four departments have been established at the educational workplace. One of them was named the Department of Business Economy. The department provided the teaching of national economic theory. On July 1, 1993, an independent Department of National Economy was established within the Faculty of Business Economics in Bratislava with seat in Košice with the aim to strengthen macroeconomic disciplines, which formed the general university basis of subjects completing the profile of the graduate of the Faculty and University. After 1997 the Department of National Economy changed its name to the Department of Economics. The focus of the department has not changed since then.

From its inception to the present, the Department of Economics was chaired by:

01.09.1993 - 31.08.1996 doc. Ing. Mária FARKAŠOVSKÁ, CSc.
01.09.1996 - 31.08.1997 doc. Ing. Michal TUŠAN, CSc.
01.09.1997 - 31.08.1999 doc. Ing. Mária FARKAŠOVSKÁ, CSc.
01.09.1999 - 31.01.2000 Ing. Vladimír GAZDA, PhD.
01.02.2000 - 31.01.2003 doc. Ing. Alena DAŇKOVÁ, CSc.
01.02.2003 - 14.10.2007 doc. Ing. Eva KAFKOVÁ, PhD.
15.10.2007 - 30.09.2015 Ing. Rozália PÉTROVÁ, CSc.
01.10.2015 - 30.09.2016 doc. Ing. Michal STRIČÍK, PhD.
01.10.2016 - 22.3.2019 Ing. Michaela BRUOTHOVÁ, PhD.
23.3.2019 - present prof. Ing. Michal PRUŽINSKÝ, CSc.