Department of Accounting and Finance was established on 1st September 1990 at the branch of the Faculty of Management  of College of Economics in Košice. The need to build the Department of Accounting and Finance resulted from changed conditions in the economy, corporate governance in early nineties, particularly with regard to rebuilding the study and implementation of a new area of ​​study - the teaching of Business.

Teaching the accounting and finance had its history and the faculty before the occurrence of the department. These objects created profile graduates honors ASR, but also included these subjects in terms of specialization between marginal, not dominant and addtional.

Change of political conditions and economic system after 1989 took place. Therefore modules of the department took its rightful place in teaching students of first, second and third degree in Economics and Business Management, Commercial Business and Financial Management. Due to the specialization of the faculty for education in business economics lot of department, such as accounting, taxes of business entities, economic analysis, corporate finance, calculations, enterprise risk and financial management formed the pillars of knowledge that managers need to manage businesses.

Department of Accounting and Finance recorded its creation in 1990, the founders of the Department of Accounting and Finance, has been doc. Ing. Jozef Šalák, CSc., who was its first head. Its beginnings are associated with seven employees. The team of the Department of accounting and finance accounted for 17 internal lecturers, 5 internal PhD students and 7 external PhD students.

After the introduction of study programs in 2004, the department was a responsible for two programs: Economics and Management and Corporate Financial Management.

In 2008, the Department of Accounting and Finance was renamed the Department of Finance and Accounting, where 15 internal staff including one professor, one associate professor, 12 lecturers, including 10 with a PhD., 1 secretary, 1 external teacher, 2 internal and four PhD students worked. The department provided the teaching of compulsory and optional subjects at the first, second and third stages of university education study program Economics and Management, Commercial Business and Corporate Financial Management. The department provided a total of 21 modules at all levels of study as compulsory subjects, the most important being accounting, corporate finance, taxes of businesses, calculations and budgeting, financial economic analysis, financial management, financial analysis and financial planning, management business risk in educational activities. Optional courses focused primarily on the financial statements, auditing, enterprise valuation, financial management of SMEs, international tax systems, financial engineering, quantitative methods in financial management.

The modules of the department of finance and accounting formed the pillar of knowledge to business economics and finance executives.

The department educated a large number of diploma students since its creation at the faculty. In 1992 - 1994 it organized and guaranteed retraining courses with a focus on financial companies, accounting and tax business entities. Its members contribute in professional and scientific journals, presented at scientific conferences in the country and abroad. They collaborate with businesses, Prague University of Economics, Economics Academy in Kraków and Katowice, as well as with the State University in Uzhhorod Transcarpathian and financial institutions of Eastern Slovakia.

The Department is focused on issues of financial management, accounting and taxes in research activities,. Scientific research area based on the current requirements of economic theory and economic practice. Research activities focused on managing and organizing the financial processes of a business in such a binding interaction that positively influence the development and activity of the business sector.

The research activities are conducted in accordance with the profiling of the faculty with the requirements of improving the teaching process as well as the plan of qualification growth of teachers of the Department of Finance and Accounting.

The department was solving four projects VEGA and four institutional projects whose overall aim of solution was the examination, evaluation and management of cash flows in the company, diagnose the financial health of the company and prediction of financial distress with special methodological tools, effective evaluation of renewable energy, implementation of international accounting and application of standards IAS / IFRS and their impact on income tax. Improving publications department focused on publishing original scientific works mainly in peer-reviewed journals and scientific monographs.

After organizational changes to the UE FBE in Košice since December 2013, the Department of Finance and Accounting was renamed the Department of Corporate Financial Management. As the head of the department was appointed Ing. Jana Simonidesová, PhD. The department provides courses currently teaching at primary and secondary level study.


Heads of department since its establishment until now were:

1990 - 1991 Assoc. Prof. Ing. Jozef ŠALAK, CSc.
1991 - 1995 Dipl. Ing. Jana CZILINGOVÁ, CSc.
1995 - 1996 Prof. Ing. Ľudovít MESÁROŠ, CSc. (poverený vedením)
1996 - 2001 Assoc. Ing. Ľudmila LACOVÁ, CSc.
2001 - 2003 Dipl. Ing. Juraj NEUFELD, PhD.
2003 - 2008 Assoc. Prof. Dipl. Ing. Viktória BOBÁKOVÁ, CSc.
2008 - 2013 Assoc. Prof. Dipl. Ing. Jana CZILLINGOVÁ, CSc.
2013 - 2015 Dipl. Ing. Jana SIMONIDESOVÁ, PhD. (poverená vedením do 09/2015)
2015 - present Assoc. Prof. Dipl. Ing. Jana SIMONIDESOVÁ, PhD.