Foreign language learning begins with the formation of the UE FBE consulting centre University of Kosice in 1963. In 1969, the Centre has changed the department of the the College of Economics (VŠE) in Košice and language training was carried out within the Department of National Economy, which was part of the department of foreign languages ​​and physical education.

Department of Foreign Languages ​​was established in 1971/72 at the branch of the VŠE in Košice, and dividing the former Department of Social Sciences under the name of Department of Languages ​​and Physical Education, which existed until 1992.

A separate Department of Foreign Languages ​​was established foundation UE FBE Košice in 1992. The foundation of FBE Košice is also an increasing number of students and the Department of Foreign Languages ​​from 1992 to 1999 recorded its greatest development.  Lecturers came from Germany, Austria and England to the Department of Foreign Languages.

In 2014 the Department of Foreign Languages ​​was changing the organizational structure of the FBE renamed the Department of Information and Communication and language in addition to foreign language teaching began care of education of specialized subjects of the faculty.


The heads of the department since its establishment have been:

1971 - 1990 doc. PhDr. Ján VASILÍK, CSc. 
1990 - 1992 RNDr. Rastislav JURGA, CSc. 
1992 - 1999 doc. PhDr. Eleonóra DZURIIKOVÁ, CSc. 
1999 - 2004 PhDr. Kornélia BLAŠKOVÁ, CSc.
2004 - 2006 Mgr. Katarína RADVANSKÁ
2006 - 2007 Mgr. Silvia KOKOŠKOVÁ
2007 - 2015 PhDr. Eva PRIVIDIOVÁ
2015 - 2016 prof. Ing. Štefan ČARNICKÝ, PhD.
2016 - 2021 Ing. Cyril ZÁVADSKÝ, PhD.