The University of Economics in Bratislava (hereinafter referred to as "EUBA") and its Faculty of Business Economy with the seat in Košice (hereinafter referred to as „FBE of the EUBA“) have been part of The European Higher Education Area and of the common European Research Area.

As part of this integration, their mission is to provide quality higher education at all three levels of higher education in a complex of economic and management programmes of study and selected programmes of study in the field of humanities and information science, to develop knowledge based on free creative scientific research in economics, economy, humanities, information and social sciences, and thus contribute to the development of the knowledge society in Slovakia and the European area. As part of its mission, the FBE of the EUBA focuses on the business economy.



Based on the vision of the University of Economics in Bratislava, the vision of the Faculty of Business Economy of the University of Economics in Bratislava with the seat in Košice is to become one of the best faculties of a major university highly regarded in science and education. Being the oldest of faculties with the focus on economics and management within the region of Eastern Slovakia, it supports the activities of its students and teachers within the European education area and creates conditions for obtaining education also for foreign students.


Strategic goals:

  • Build, develop and continuously improve all processes taking place at the FBE of the EUBA in accordance with AACSB standards. Continue to improve existing quality management systems based on STN EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard and CAF model. Integrate all management systems at the faculty to comply with these standards.
  • Improve the qualification structure of faculty teachers by creating adequate space by the faculty management and by supporting scientific activities of all applicants who strive to achieve higher degree of expertise.
  • Improve the system of care for talented students at the second level of study by maintaining individual approach to students and focusing on their needs. Improve the quality of education at all levels of study.
  • Ensure sustainable development and efficient operation at the Pedagogical branch of the FBE of the EUBA in Michalovce.
  • By motivating scientifically active members of the faculty, ensure the focus of their publications in journals registered in the Current Contents Connect database, or journals registered in the WoS, SCOPUS databases while observing the number of publications exploitable for the need of creating budget resources in accordance with the methodology of the allocation of funds of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic.
  • Create conditions for improving the quality of scientific publications for all faculty members. Consistently require adequate publication activity for all creative workers at individual departments.
  • Increase the scientific prestige of the faculty staff within domestic and foreign scientific societies by means of intensive editorial activity of journals published by the faculty, by organizing international conferences and by creating conditions for participation at foreign scientific events.
  • Ensure relevant publication outputs of doctoral students as well as to improve the quality of their doctoral theses by increasing demands and quality of the education process at the third level in accordance with the increased demands on doctoral students' supervisors.  
  • Improve the quality of education provided by doctoral students by consistent in-class inspection.
  • Stimulate the development of extracurricular activities of doctoral students by involving doctoral students in scientific research projects as well as other activities related to the activities of their departments.
  • Make use of all relevant possibilities of the Faculty's involvement in international scientific projects. Create conditions for research teams in all phases of project solving, i.e. from submitting the application to the final evaluation report.
  • In cooperation with European organizations and universities, intensively seek to make use of the faculty's scientific potential in the framework of integration into European scientific and development structures.
  • Using funds from the projects to ensure the sustainability of the current material and technical equipment of the scientific and pedagogical process of the faculty.
  • Support the faculty's involvement in international scientific and educational cooperation by intensively supporting the mobility of students, as well as teachers.
  • Ensure advantageous activities (study but also other activities) to Slovak students abroad, but also foreign students at the faculty by preparing contracts and bilateral agreements.
  • Support the establishment of international scientific teams with the participation of researchers of the faculty by organizing international scientific events.
  • Assist in the development of the Eastern Slovak region by close cooperation with the Košice self-governing region as well as with the city of Košice, with various enterprises, institutions, public administration, as well as with the organizations of the third sector,
  • In cooperation with the town of Michalovce at the level of the Pedagogical branch of the FBE of the EUBA in Michalovce, create activities aimed at the development of the town of Michalovce and its neighbouring regions.
  • By organizing professional events, but also through projects or by secondary economic activities of the faculty, ensure a bilaterally beneficial link between the faculty's academic and pedagogical potential and practice within the Slovak Republic.
  • By continuously updating the study plans ensure that they are supplemented with the latest scientific knowledge and adapted to current conditions of social practice.
  • Ensure compatibility of the content of individual subjects with relevant curricula applied within the educational process of prestigious European universities of similar orientation.
  • Create favourable material, technical, professional and pedagogical conditions for the provision of study for foreign students at the headquarters of the FBE of the UE in Košice, as well as at the Pedagogical branch (hereinafter referred to as “PB”) of the FBE of the EUBA in Michalovce.
  • Improve the attractiveness of the study at the FBE of the UE for applicants as well as current faculty students by improving the placement of the faculty in the evaluation carried out by different credit rating agencies and other relevant institutions.