The foundation was registered by the Ministry of Interior of Slovak Republic on December 29th 1993 under the name of the Faculty of Business Economics of the University of Economics in Kosice. It was renamed to Prof. Ing. J. Pázman Foundation with effect from January 1st 2000, and thus the academia of the Faculty of Business Economics honored the noble teacher prof. Ing. Julius Pázman, who was actively involved in the dissemination of economic education in eastern Slovakia.

The Foundation is a part of the Faculty of Business Economics of the University of Economics in Bratislava with seat in Kosice, which guarantees high quality educational activities.

The foundation is an association of affairs and funds in order to develop spiritual values ​​and education especially in the economic field for students, teachers and scientific-pedagogical staff of the faculty and the general public.

Income from the foundation's activities are used to provide scholarships for students to cover the costs associated with study programs and internships in Slovak Republic and abroad for students and teachers, for the Prize of Prof. Ing. J. Pázman Foundation Academic Excellence, for the purchase of literature, for ŠVOČ and for the establishment of computer labs.

The Foundation through its activities bridges the space in society that faculty as a teaching institution can not cover.



Nadácia prof. Ing. Júliusa Pázmana
Tajovského 13
040 01 Košice



The Foundation focuses its activities on:


  • training courses to ensure the improvement and deepening of knowledge of youth aspiring to study at the University of Economics in Bratislava,
  • begginers and advanced language courses for students and the general public e.g. to improve the professional economic communication oin following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Russian,
  • training courses and consulting in the areas of: marketing, management, accounting, personnel work, taxation, accounting audit, human resources management, psychology etc.


The Foundation seeks to develop business and management consultancy providing individual, as well as comprehensive advisory services to interested businesses.

All these activities are carried out in concrete terms of the client separately or as a package of services.


Management Board


Dr. h. c. prof. RNDr. Michal Tkáč, CSc.


Ing. Stanislav Legát

Juraj Pavlík


doc. Ing. Eva Manová, PhD.


Ing. Bartolomej Jusko


Courses based on the interest

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Biography of prof. Ing. Július Pázman

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