Electronic invoicing provides many benefits to public procurement as well as to private economic transactions. It reduces costs, saves resources, and increases efficiency in bureaucratic processes. While it provides all of these advantages, aligning the different eInvoicing systems and syntaxes can be a difficult task, mainly when international cross-border transactions are needed.

In this framework, the #EURINV project has been created with the purpose of supporting a consortium of EDI providers, and their clients, to be aligned with the European Directive on electronic invoicing (​Directive EU/2014/55​) which promotes a Standard for cross-border transactions within the EU. Co-financed within the #CEF Telecom Calls, managed by the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (#INEA), the EURINV project will seek to upgrade the cloud platforms of participants from #Ireland#Slovakia#Finland#Belgium#Italy#Netherlands#France, and #Germany.

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