The #eInvoicing #EURINV consortium has soundly concluded the analysis stage of the Action.


During this period, the participants examined their own national and regional context, as well as the #European ​#Directive #EU/2014/55​, in order to prepare themselves for the technical deployment.
The beneficiaries were supported by the coordinator, ​#UPV​, as well as by ​#LMT​, who have previous experiences in European-funded projects and eInvoicing actions and shared this knowledge with the current beneficiaries.
EURINV is a project co-financed by INEA, the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency, through the #CEF #Telecom programs, and its main objective is to support the #EDI providers of the consortium, and their clients, to align with the European Standard for electronic #invoicing, enhancing efficient cross-border transactions amongst European countries in both public procurement and private trades. With Actions like EURINV, many different providers can upgrade their solutions to be conformant with the #Standard, and support their clients to send and/or receive compliant invoices.
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