Project "Digital Cooperatives (E-COOP)"

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Project Description:

European citizens do not participate equally in the Information society: in fact, the digital gap is moving down from infrastructures to uses. Based on this observation, local authorities in Europe have developed Digital Public Spaces (DPS) promoting e-inclusion.

DPS could however benefit from a network-based organization, both active IRL (“In real Life”) and online, in order to be identified by all types of populations and potential users as useful resource centres in the digital era and a qualified birthplace for local digital projects.

In this context, the “E-COOP project” partnership, gathering 12 partners from 12 EU countries (France, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Romania, Hungary, Finland, UK, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Ireland) and representing local authorities and ICT related networks and stakeholders, has expressed the will to investigate how the DPS could evolve, based on mediation between the uses and the users, to become “E-COOPS” (digital cooperatives) and offer new services interacting in a more collaborative way with the users.


Project Aim:

The project aims at providing policy makers and relevant stakeholders with compared analysis and recommendations on digital mediation practices, identified within the partner territories, and to identify ways of enhancing regional/local public policies in implementing «E-COOPS». Each partner will actively associate its local stakeholders via local seminars or digital consultations (E-COOP academies).