An integral part of the research activities of the Faculty of Business Economics of the University of Economics in Bratislava with seat in Košice are scientific and professional journals used for the presentation of research of both domestic and foreign authors.

Scientific Journal

The aim of the journal is to publish the papers concerned with developing of new knowledge in the field of economic theories and its application in business practice.  The scope of the journal covers the wide range of research problems of business economics, management, marketing and finance, knowledge economy, innovation policy, etc.

Language: English

ISSN 1337-6020

Scientific Journal

(page in Slovak language)

The journal is intended for readers from among statisticians, applied statisticians, theoretical innovators, decision-makers in the field of innovation, construction designers, but also technologists from all production, but also non-production sectors. For practitioners, the journal should be a source of information on the latest scientific knowledge, new ideas, methods and procedures applicable on innovation in its broadest sense; for theoreticians should be wellspring of inspiration for the possibility of utilization of their knowledge in specific terms of both production and non-production practice.

language: Slovak, Czech, Polish, English

ISSN 1338-5224

Proffesional Journal

(page in Slovak language)

The aim of the journal is to create a space for authors from research and educational institutions, as well as the authors from the corporate practice who want to share their research results, experiences, insights. The journal publishes professional papers, analyses, research findings, comments and discussions from the field of business management, management of public organizations, strategic business management, human resource management, management of the production processes, change management, quality management, organizational culture, knowledge management, ICT in management etc.

Language: Slovak, Czech, English

ISSN 1336-7137

Scientific Journal

The scientific journal is aimed on developing economic theory, management, marketing, finances and their applications in business practice. Contains scientific papers,  and reviews.

Language: Slovak, Czech, English, Russian

ISSN 1335-9746