Study Programme on Master’s Degree

Economics and Business Management

Graduates of the study programme Economics and Business Management in the field of Economy and Management acquire deep theoretical knowledge of economics and management with an emphasis on the area given by the topic of their dissertation. Graduates master the scientific methods of basic and applied research in the field of economics and business management. They can accurately define problems, analyse economic and managerial phenomena and processes in the company, generalize and standardize the acquired knowledge and contribute to the development of economic-managerial theory, methodology and practice and comprehensively perceive marketing-managerial aspects of business labour market. Graduates will also acquire the principles and methods of scientific work of basic and applied research, the ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practice and the ability to present the results of their work in a foreign language in various spheres of activities and types of enterprises. Graduates master the latest scientific and professional knowledge, are able to formulate, test and verify scientific hypotheses, work with market-managerial and marketing incentives in order to further develop and advance the knowledge of scientific discipline in the context of sustainable socio-economic development. They find their application especially as university teachers and researchers. They are also used as highly specialized experts in business and public spheres on the international labour market.