E-learning provides a flexible and versatile educational tool that allows education to be adapted to the circumstances. When e-learning is part of standard teaching with the teacher present, the result is enriched teaching and learning aimed at more effective and efficient fulfillment of educational goals.

 An e-learning solution is

  • financially efficient - eliminates the costs of traveling, organizing, providing printed materials, premises, the presence of teachers;
  • time-saving - minimizes the time needed to transmit information, allows learning at a preferred time;
  • updatable - information is always up-to-date and adequate;
  • customizable - allows students to learn at their own pace at the optimal time;
  • motivating - provides an overview and records of the course of education;
  • relevant - the topic is tailored to educational needs and goals;
  • engaging - the use of creative multimedia and interactive learning tools attracts students and increases the memorability of the curriculum.

The possibilities of e-learning support of education at FBE UE are available for students and teachers via this FBE UE website (the menu Study/E-learning), or directly through the e-learning portal at the web address: https://e-learning.euke.sk. You log in using the login details of the university account at FBE UE on the Office365 portal (obtained during the first Informatics lesson).


Enter E-learning


The current period of occurrence and spread of the new coronavirus has brought the need for intensive use of distance learning tools. Microsoft Teams is also an application currently used in distance education at FBE UE providing web conferencing, data storage (with the possibility of sharing and online collaboration), text communication and others within the Office 365 cloud services.

Instructions for using Microsoft Teams

Online learning through Microsoft Teams (how to get started, Slovak version)

Microsoft Teams Quick Start Guide (Slovak version)

Instructions for using Microsoft Teams in Office 365 (Slovak version)

Using Microsoft Teams for Distance Learning (Video Tutorial for Students - Slovak version)