The Faculty of Business Economy, as well as the entire University of Economics in Bratislava, wants to constantly improve. Please help us in this endeavor! Only if we know what was good from your point of view and what was bad, can we react and improve, and thus create an ever better environment and conditions, especially for you!

Therefore, every semester we regularly organize a Student survey  - Survey of students' opinions on the subject / teacher.

  • The survey takes place at all faculties of the University of Economics in Bratislava in cooperation with the Student Parliament of the University of Economics in Bratislava and the student parliaments of individual faculties.
  • In the survey, you comment on all subjects taught in a given semester of the academic year.
  • The survey is conducted through AIS.
  • The survey is anonymous and voluntary, but we will be happy if you praise us for the good and tell us what you think we are doing wrong.
  • The survey is evaluated after the end of the examination period of the given semester and the faculty management has access only to summary data.

We would like to thank to all the students who take part in the survey, and the fact that we take your comments seriously is not just a promise. Measures implemented on the basis of survey results:

  • each teacher is able to perform self-reflection based on his / her summary evaluation,
  • heads of departments, or subject guarantors conduct individual interviews with teachers in order to improve their pedagogical and communication skills,
  • teachers with identified shortcomings are ordered consultations with experienced teachers, or guarantors of subjects respectively,
  • in the case of persistent deficiencies, the teacher may be withdrawn from the subject or from the entire teaching (it has occurred several times in the past).